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Healthy Curls Habits

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Oil Bath

Make sure that before washing your hair you nourish them with rich oils from the scalp to the ends. By being consistent you will see the improvement. Your scalp and lengths will be healthier. Your hair will grow faster. The overall texture of your hair will be genuinely better. You can use our mustard oil for roots to stimulate growth and our coconut oil for the length and ends.

Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s really hard to find the right duo to be able to feel like you did not attack your hair and scalp too much but that your hair is truly clean. We advise you to use a sulfate free shampoo. You can check out our eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner. We also advise you to use the conditioner first to detangle your hair and then use the shampoo so your hair will be clean and detangled at the end of your shower. 

Curls Definition

Curls DefinitionUse our rose water spray to refresh your hair and remove any limestone from the shower water. Apply our Argan Oil on length and ends. Let your hair dry or choose the cold option on your hair dryer to make them dry without damaging them. 

Everyday Care

Use our keratin hair cream to hydrate your hair on a daily basis. If some curls are straight down redraw them with your fingers filled with cream.

Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Don’t forget to take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows with our castor oil. They will grow stronger and fuller!